Journal of Sonic Studies

The 15th issue of the /Journal of Sonic Studies/ ( <>) is online, which again is an issue consisting of papers by authors who responded to our last open call for papers. While no underlying or overarching theme was set for this issue, the papers we selected all seem to explicitly address the relation between sound and culture. More specifically, they discuss the ways in which sound is used and experienced in culture, both present and past.

Journal contents:

* Editorial: Sound as/in/on Culture
<> – Vincent

* Recapturing the sounds and sonic experiences of the hunter-gatherers
at Ajvide, Gotland, Sweden (3200‒2300 cal BC)
<> – Riitta
Rainio, Kristiina Mannermaa and Juha Valkeapää

* The Cave and Church in Tomba Emmanuelle: Some Notes on the Ritual
Use of Room Acoustics
<> – Petter

* Managing the Sonic Environment: Ambient Noise, Creativity and the
Regime of Ubiquitous Work
<> – Artur Szarecki

* Historically Informed Soundscape: Mediating Past and Present
<>– D. Linda
Pearse, Ann Waltner, and C. Nicholas Godsoe

* The Relationality of the Adhaan: A Reading of the Islamic Call to
Prayer Through Adriana Cavarero’s Philosophy of Vocal Expression
<> – Lutfi Othman

* The Secret Theatre Revisited: Eavesdropping on Locative Media
<> – Pieter