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Veranstaltung: “Sounding Out The Anthropocene”

…der Workshop findet am 10. und 11.03. in Basel statt. Das Programm steht nun fest.

Hier folgt es in Gänze:

“Veranstaltung: Sounding Out the Anthropocene. Investigating Sonic Media Ecologies
(Basel, 10.-11.03.2016)
International Exploratory Workshop of the GfM-AG Auditive Kultur und Sound Studies and IXDM
10./11. March 2016
Critical Media Lab Basel
Academy of Art and Design FHNW
Freilager-Platz 1
4023 Basel
Tower building (3rd floor)
The workshop is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.
Registration until February 19th at felix.gerloff@fhnw.ch
Thursday, 10.03.2016
10.00 am Welcome Coffee & Introduction (Miyazaki/Gerloff/Schwesinger)
11.00 am Presentation Panel I: Sonic Architectures (Chair: Felix Gerloff)
Jan Philip Müller: The Electronic Battlefield, the Acoubuoy and The Ears of the Jungle. The Becomingecological
of Radiophonics in the Vietnam War, ca. 1966-1974
Carlos Gárate Marquerie: Underground as a Sonic Space
Steffen Lepa: An ecological systems theory approach to the digital Mediatization of everyday music
Malte Kobel: ›Simple Headphone Mind‹. Listening environments around the skull
1.00 pm Lunch Break
2.00 pm Project Explorations at CML
3.15 pm Presentation Panel II: Bio/Media (Chair: Shintaro Miyazaki)
Daniel Gilfillan: Of Parrots, Behaviors, and Moods. Thinking about Sound in the Anthropocene
Thomas Nückel: Cellular Sounds Project. A Sonic Experimental System Based on Cellular Automata
Beate Ochsner/Robert Stock/Markus Spöhrer: Auditory Ecologies. Documentary Practices of
Mark Peter Wright: The Thing about Microphones
5.15 pm Coffee Break
5.30 pm Keynote I: Seth Horowitz: Where the Wild Things Hear. Auditory Worlds Beyond the Human
7.00 pm Dinner
Friday, 11.03.2016
9.30 am Presentation Panel III: Hearing Universes (Chair: Sebastian Schwesinger)
China Blue: SpectroTemporal Aesthetics. Time, Space and Place
Christoph Borbach: From Material to Sonic Soundings
Friedlind Riedel: Situation-Listening
Jacob Eriksen: Non-Listening. Affect, Hearing and the Sonic Everyday
11.30 am Coffee Break
11.45 am Keynote II: Astrid Schwarz: Technology in the Anthropocene. Is Homo Hortensis the »New Man«?
1.15 pm Lunch Break
2.00 pm Poster Session
2.30 pm Working Session: Sound Studies & Media Ecology?
5.00 pm Coffee Break
5.15 pm Final Discussion: Desiderata & Future cooperation possibilities
6.30 pm End”

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