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“Radio, Sound & Society Journal”…

…ist in seiner ersten Ausgabe, Vol. 1 N. 1, mit einem Fokus auf “Latin Radio. Diversity, innovation and policies” online verfügbar. Die einzelnen Artikel lassen sich umsonst als PDFs herunterladen.

Mehr Informationen und der Link zum Download:

“Radio, Sound & Society Journal

Vol. 1 N. 1 | Latin radio. Diversity, innovation and policies

Already available: http://ecrea-radioresearch.eu/rss-journal

We are honoured to announce the publication of the Radio, Sound &
Society Journal’s first issue. Launched by the ECREA Radio Research
Section, this journal is a semiannual publication, aimed at publishing
relevant research (fundamental and applied research outputs) in the
field of radio and sound. It is an open-access publication that welcomes
contributions regarding challenges radio faces in the web environment,
acoustic language, audio media in general and sound art. Areas of
interest include radio history, radio business model, technology,
narratives and programming, audiences, advertising, music industry, web
radio, sound art, public service broadcasting, aesthetics and sound,
sound and literacy.

The first issue is focused on Latin radio. Diversity, innovation and
policies and puts together a selection of seven papers presented at the
2015 Radio Research Conference (28-30 October, 2016 – Madrid).

We hope the Radio, Sound & Society Journal may contribute to confirm a
new age for radio and sound studies.

Best regards,

The Editors,

Madalena Oliveira, Tiziano Bonini and Grazyna Stachyra

Madalena Oliveira
Departamento de Ciências da Comunicação
Centro de Estudos de Comunicação e Sociedade
Instituto de Ciências Sociais | Universidade do Minho
/Communication Sciences Department
Communication and Society Research Centre
Institute of Social Sciences | University of Minho/
4710-057 Campus de Gualtar – Braga | Portugal”


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