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Networking Knowledge 9 (2)

Die Special Issue des Online-Magazins fokussiert auf Musik und Soundpublika. Die jeweiligen Artikel gibt es als PDF zum freien Download.

Zum Inhalt dieser Ausgabe:


Introduction: New Approaches to Audiences and their Musics
Rafal Zaborowski
Sharing Music: Social and Communal Aspects of Concert-Going
Lucy K. Dearn and Sarah M. Price
Mobile Music Listening: The Users and their Art of Making Do
Lionel Detry
Embodied Listening Modes as Part of Habitual Music Media Orientations:
Relating Young Adults’ Audio Technology Use with Their Music
Socialization and Taste Preferences
Steffen Lepa and Markus Seifert
A Holistic Approach to the Mechanisms of Music Engagement
Anna Ibañez Cantí
‘Explode All Our Metaphors’ – On the Potential of Sound in Media and
Audience Studies. An Interview with Martin Barker
Rafal Zaborowski
Book Review: Why Music Matters by David Hesmondhalgh
Li Zhongwei

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