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NECS 2014 Conference – Sonic Creativity in Media

Die NECS 2014 Conference wird mehrere Panels mit einem Fokus auf Audio abhalten. Die Konferenz, die vom 19. bis 21. Juni in Milan, Italien, stattfindet, sucht noch Themen und Vortragende.

Aus dem Ausschreibungstext:

“The NECS Sound and Music in Media Work Group is organising to submit one or more pre-constituted panel proposals to the forthcoming NECS conference (Milan, Italy, 19-21 June), taking a sound-focussed approach to the conference’s Creative Energies/Creative Industries theme (seehttp://necs.org). A pre-constituted panel potentially allows for a more cohesive exploration of sound in this context, and we would encourage a broad range of responses to the theme.

Proposals are welcome for 15-20 minute papers on the subject of creativity, sound/music and time-based media (including film, radio, television, new media, game studies). Possible topics could include, but are not limited to:

- Sound and the creative industries
- Creativity in the sound department (including conceptions of creative authorship)
- Creative audiospectatorship / Creative listening
- Creativity and sonic aesthetics
- ‘Produser’ sonic creativity
- Creativity and changes to sound technology
- Creative collaborations in sound and moving image production
- Creativity and networking amongst sound personnel/professionals
- Global, local and ‘glocal’ landscapes of creative sound/music production

Please send abstracts of up to 150 words, plus 3-5 key bibliographical references, along with your name and institutional affiliation, tondwjohnston@gmail.com by Monday the 6th of January. We will be in touch on Thursday the 9th of January with a decision (The general submission deadline is the 31st of January).”

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