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Konferenz: “Role and Position of Sounds…

…and Sounding Arts in Public Urban Environments” – das Ganze findet statt am 29. und 30. November an der Leiden Universität in den Niederlanden. Abstracts werden bis zum 01. Oktober entgegengenommen.

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“The Role and Position of Sounds and Sounding Arts in Public Urban

Conference dates: 29-30 November 2016

Location: Leiden University, the Netherlands

Introduction to the Conference Topic*
Sound is among the most significant, yet least-discussed, aspects of
public spaces in urban environments (Hosokawa 1984; Kang and
Schulte-Fortkamp 2016). Architects, engineers, and urban planners
invariably stress the visual and tactile aspects while (re)designing
urban environments but often pay less attention to the aural
consequences of their interventions; sound tends to be considered mainly
as an inevitable byproduct of industrial areas, traffic, commercial
centers, and/or human activities. If sound attracts the attention of
policy makers and users of public urban spaces, it is often in a rather
negative context: as noise pollution which should be avoided by somehow
reducing the amount of decibels (Devilee, Maris, van der Kamp 2010;
Elmqvist 2013; Kamin 2015).

In contrast, this conference aims to increase the attention to the role
of sound, sound design, and sounding art in urban spaces – with sound
considered both as an epistemological tool and as an aesthetic instrument.

Sounds in urban spaces – including the “omnipresence” of music –
(co-)regulate our behavior, attract specific groups that give a space a
specific identity, call for certain actions, make us nauseated, etc.;
sounds thus have social, political, ethical, and economic power.
Reflections on everyday urban soundscapes – their features as well as
the way they are used and experienced – could lead to a new theory of
sonic ecology.

Furthermore, sounding art has the potential to contribute directly to an
improvement of city soundscapes, while a more fundamental and scholarly
attention to sounds in public urban spaces can lead to a concrete
contribution to already existing discourses in urban studies, history,
anthropology, and philosophy.

In this conference three questions will play a central role:

1.    How do sounds in general and sounding art in particular contribute
to the general atmosphere of a public urban space?

2.    How do users of that space – dwellers, tourists, people working in
that neighborhood, passersby – experience its sonic qualities and how
does that influence their behavior as well as the function of that space?

3.    How can we, on a theoretical level, develop a new sonic ecology?

*Keynote speakers: *Salomé Voegelin, Gascia Ouzounian, Holger Schulze,
and Jean-Paul Thibaud.

*Conference Coordinator: *Prof. dr. M.A. (Marcel) Cobussen

(M.A.Cobussen@umail.leidenuniv.nl <mailto:M.A.Cobussen@umail.leidenuniv.nl>)

*Abstracts: *Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be sent to
Gabriel Paiuk acpa@hum.leidenuniv.nl <mailto:acpa@hum.leidenuniv.nl>
before October 1, 2016. Submitters will be informed before October 15.

The conference is sponsored by KNAW, LUF, JSS, and ACPA (Leiden University)”

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