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Konferenz: “Punk Now!”

Zum zweiten Mal ruft das “Punk Scholars Network” zur jährlichen Konferenz. Der abgefeierte Gegenstand scheint also nicht tot zu sein. Die Konferenz wird standesgemäß Ende Oktober oder auch Anfang November in Birmingham, UK, stattfinden. Einreichfrist für Themenvorschläge ist der 31. Juni.

Weitere Informationen aus dem CfP:

“*Punk Scholars Network 2nd Annual Conference and Postgraduate Symposium

In Association with Birmingham City University, The Birmingham Centre
for Media and Cultural Research and the London College of Communication.



Following the dynamic emergence of punk in the UK, USA and Europe in the
1970s, the subculture spread widely. As punk and new wave gained
commercial and critical success, together with an attractive notoriety,
it soon began an ongoing journey around the globe – both as a product
and as an ideology.Punk, then, despite its omnipresence in contemporary
underground and popular cultures, is clearly more than legacy music.
More than forty years after the proto-punk progenitors of Detroit and
New York unconsciously launched an underground revolution, to continue
what some of the 60’s and 70’s anarchic counter culture propagated, and
after untold premature obituaries, it appears that punk – in terms of
music, philosophy, and identity – remains in rude health.

Punk scenes continue to thrive as far afield as Russia, South America,
India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East
and Indonesia – 2011 saw the first official record release from a Saudi
Arabian punk band, Sound of Ruby, while other scenes have established
their mark in Madagascar, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, even Tibet
and the Himalayas. Meanwhile, nearer to home, an underground punk scene
never actually went away and continues to ‘mutate and survive’– ranging
from the continued support for longstanding bands and scenes, to the
network of emerging small-scale gigs, fanzines, music distribution,
(sub)cultural and political activities of a truly cross-generational

This joint conference and postgraduate symposium seeks to illuminate the
current landscape of _contemporary_punk in all of its global, musical,
political and (sub) cultural manifestations. Suggested topics include
(but are not limited to)

·International/national contemporary punk scenes and networks

·Contemporary punk and politics

·Contemporary punk and gender

·Subcultural scenes, tribes and neo-tribes informed/influenced by punk

·Contemporary punk identity

·The Design and Aesthetics of Contemporary Punk

·Contemporary punk fanzines and digital publishing

·Ageing in a contemporary punk scene

·The old and the new; inter/intra generational scenes, retro scenes,
controversy and tensions.

·Fan practices in contemporary punk;

·Contemporary punk as resistance

·Contemporary punk music: Musicology, performance, new genres and

·Punk commodities and consumerism: From the role of the boutique to the
online punk distro

·Contemporary punk and digital media; digital production, distribution
and consumption. DiY media, YouTube, social media.

·Punk for Sale: New genres and hybrid musical developments in punk
musical aesthetics

The programme will consist of keynote speakers (tbc) and a number of
thematically grouped panels for both academics and postgraduates.By
creating a dual purpose to the conference the Punk Scholars Network aims
to bring together established academics and the next generation of punk
scholars in a supportive and colloquial environment, which we hope will
encourage networking opportunities, ideas exchange and potential future
research collaborations.

Post graduates and graduates can present work-in-progress papers on
their PhD thesis, Master’s dissertation or graduate dissertation.

Alongside this the organisers plan to have an art exhibition exploring
the visual identity of contemporary punk and live music from
Birmingham’s resilient punk scene.

Each paper should last no more than 20 minutes and proposals should be
submitted in the form of an abstract of c.250 words. All proposal
submissions should also include:

§Full title of the paper

§Full name, contact details, 150 word biography and institutional

§Your academic status-post graduate/graduate or ‘established’ academic
(this is for the purpose of panel allocation)

§Any requirements (projector, CD/DVD player, OHP, etc)

*Deadline for receipt of proposals/abstracts is 31^st June 2015*

Proposals should be sent in the form of an abstract as an  e-mail
attachment to matt.grimes@bcu.ac.uk

The conference programme will be announced in September 2015.

The conference and symposium is scheduled to take place at Birmingham
City University either 29th/30th of October 2015 or 5th/6th November
2015 (TBC)

It is intended that a book of conference proceedings will published

Degree Leader Music Industries
Senior Lecturer in Music Industries and Radio


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