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Konferenz Populäre Musik – “Into the Mix: People, Places, Processes”

Die International Association for the Study of Popular Music Conference lädt ein zur Ausgabe von 2014, die unter dem Titel “Into the Mix: People, Places, Processes” steht.

Die Konferenz findet vom 05. bis 07. Dezember 2014 in Dunedin, Neuseeland, statt. Inhaltliche Beiträge sind willkommen.

Offizielle Ausschreibung:

“*International Association for the Study of Popular Music (Australia-New
Zealand Branch) Conference, 2014*

*Conference Title:* Into the Mix: People, Places, Processes

*Conference Dates:* 5-7 December 2014

*Venue:* St David Theatre Complex, corner of St David and Cumberland
Streets, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

*Organizing Committee:* Jen Cattermole, Henry Johnson and Oli Wilson

The theme of this year’s conference is “Into the Mix”. The “mix” is both
literal (referring to various stages in the production of popular music,
as well as important creative processes such as sampling, remixing and
DJing) and an analogy for all types of musical hybridities and
encounters, the fluid nature of musical meanings and musical
experiences, and the fluidity or movement of ideas, sounds and peoples.
The notion of the “mix” is defined broadly; it might involve popular
music production processes, a creative setting, or another space where
people, places and processes are foregrounded as part of an interpretive
cultural analysis. Contributions might be case-study analyses
underpinned by historical, ethnographic or critical enquiry, or focused
entirely on theoretical orientations addressing music production, as
well as hybridity and related topics.

Papers will be considered that address specifically the theme of the
conference in connection with one or more of its broad definitions.
Questions and themes paper presenters may wish to address include, but
are not limited to:

* How are mixes interpreted and valued by different people(s) in
different places?

* Which processes (creative, social, economic etc) are involved in
creating mixes?

* What aesthetics underpin the production of mixes or cross-cultural
musical collaborations?

* What are some of the cultural, social, political and/or economic
effects of mixes?

* How are people(s), places and processes represented through the mix?

* How do movement, process and encounter influence popular music production?

* How does mixing enable and/or reflect fluidity, hybridity or eclecticism?

* How might cultural space(s) or place(s) be maintained or
(re)constructed in the musical mix?

*Keynote Speaker:* Roy Shuker.

*Conference Activities:* A variety of conference activities are planned,
including a jam night and conference dinner. Dunedin has established
itself as a key eco-tourism destination, hosting unique natural
attractions including an albatross colony, penguin colony and a sea lion
colony. It also has a number of acclaimed breweries and top-quality

*Accommodation:* Accommodation options to suit a variety of budgets are
available within short walking distance of the conference venue.
Numerous places to stay can be found at:
http://www.otago.ac.nz/about/accommodation/otago000807.html. It will be
expected that most conference delegates will be able to stay within
walking distance to the venue.

*Transport:* Dunedin has an international airport with direct flights
from major eastern Australian cities, and from Auckland, Wellington and
Christchurch. The following public transport options are available to
and from the city: a shuttle costs about NZ$25-35 (one way); and a taxi
is about NZ$100 (one way).

*Registration:* Earlybird (before *1 October*); cut-off for late
registration (before 1 November). The conference website will be active
mid 2014 for registration.

*Date for Abstracts:* Abstracts should be submitted as an email
attachment (Word document, plain text, 12pt Times New Roman font) to
oli.wilson@otago.ac.nz, by *31 May 2014*. Please use your surname and
initial as the document title, as in “Smith_Z.docx”. Abstracts will be
refereed, and successful speakers advised promptly by email. Please
submit your proposal with the following information (in this order):

· Name of author(s) (exactly as you would like it to appear in the program)

· Institution or affiliation

· Contact phone number, including international codes

· Email

· Consideration for 2013 IASPM-ANZ postgraduate prize?* (Yes/No)

· Title of paper

· 3 keywords for your paper (for programming purposes)

· Abstract (300 words maximum)

*The IAPSM-ANZ postgraduate prize of AUD$250 is awarded to the best
postgraduate presenter at the conference, as determined by a panel of
established IAPSM-ANZ members. Only current postgraduate students are
eligible. Past winners may not apply.”

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