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Konferenz – “Nachrichten und Radiojournalismus im Digitalen Zeitalter”

Am 20. und 21. März 2014 wird an der Universität von Straßburg (Frankreich) die Konferenz der French Group de Recherches et d’Études sur la Radio (GRER) stattfinden. Anmeldung ist online möglich.

Aus der Ausschreibung:

“The printed press is reconfiguring itself every day, mainly because of the
appearance of the digital sector. Beyond the changes brought about by
digital technology, questions are frequently asked around the significance
of the printed press. Radio broadcasting, in particular, does not seem to be
at risk of disappearing in the short term. Radio remains an essential
element within the practice and systems of journalism, on a daily basis, in
exceptional circumstances or in times of crisis. The credibility of radio
news remains very high, and higher than other media. On the other hand
several changes are missing from its evolution. At this conference several
questions will be asked: how has the production of radio news become
integrated with the digital domain? Have those people connected with news
production changed or do they want to change? Has the professional identity
of radio journalists changed? Is media content different? How do people hear
news on the radio now, and how will people hear it in the future? With the
development of the Internet, our media landscape is undergoing a
transformation. This conference will study the capacity of radio to inform
citizens in contemporary societies. From its heritage to current practice,
and through its evolution, we will ask the question: can radio remain an
important news medium in the digital age. Focusing on two main themes, the
conference will begin by examining this question from the following angles:
- « Professional practice and radio news: issues and evolutions » and ­ «
Content and its uses: the extension of radio contexts ».
Entrance, open and free, within limited availability”

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