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Konferenz: “Isolated Musics, Connected Musics”

Die Konferenz wird vom 07. bis 09. Dezember an der CQUniversity Mackay in Queensland, Australien, stattfinden. Noch bis 31. Mai werden Einreichungen zu den Themen entgegengenommen.

Der gesamte Call for Papers:

“2016 IASPM-ANZ Conference: Isolated Musics, Connected Musics
7-9 December 2016, CQUniversity Mackay

Music exists within space as social practice. In the past, music
traditions have been embedded within geographical place; however
increasingly we regard distance and space differently than in the past.
How do popular musics interact with space? What does the concept of
distance or nearness mean in globally connected or disconnected music
cultures? What does the advent of technology for ameliorating distance
mean for the concept of distance, eg. urban/country, near/far,

This conference invites papers on this theme. This may include (but is
not limited to):

* Geographical distance
* Urban vs. rural space
* Musical place vs. musical space
* Personal space vs. communal space
* Social and economic distance
* Regional versus metropolitan
* Amateur space
* Professional space
* Islandness versus mainland
* Performance spaces
* Virtual distance and social media
* Temporal distance
* Aesthetic distance and space
* Sonic distance and cultures
* Spaces and distances of intimacy
* Connection with audiences
* Existential distance and space

We welcome papers of 20 minutes’ duration (plus 10 minutes for
discussion). Members are also invited to submit proposals for panel

Abstracts may be submitted at http://www.iaspmanz16.com/submit/

The organising committee may be contacted at conference@iaspmanz.com

About the Conference
The conference will take place at the Central Queensland Conservatorium
of Music at CQUniversity‘s Ooralea campus in Mackay. Mackayis in Central
Queensland at the southern tip of the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier
Reef. Accommodation is offered on-campus, or is available nearby.

Call for papers due: 31 May 2016

Dr David Cashman, CQUniversity
Professor Phil Hayward, UTS/Southern Cross University
Dr Eve Klein, University of Queensland
Dr Natalie Lewandowski, Griffith University
Conference Organising Committee”

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