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“Journal of Sonic Studies” – Neue Ausgabe online

Das “Journal of Sonic Studies” hat die Ausgabe 7 online gestellt, mit zahlreichen interessanten Artikeln, u.a. von der Konferenz der “European Sound Studies Association”, die im Oktober 2013 in Berlin stattgefunden hat.

Mehr zum Inhalt:

“The seventh issue of the “Journal of Sonic Studies” is online, which is a proceedings issue of the first international European Sound Studies Association Conference, which took in Berlin in October 2013. This issue contains high quality papers, offering many different perspectives on the topic of sound.

• Editorial – Functional Sounds in Sound Art and Popular Culture: Proceedings of the First International ESSA Conference 2013, Part I – Julia Krause, Holger Schulze and Marcel Cobussen
• An Exceptional Purity of Sound: Noise Reduction Technology and the Inevitable Noise of Sound Recording - Melle Kromhout
• Affective Soundscape Composition for Evoking Sonic Immersion – Mark Nazemi
• Sound and Narrative: Acousmatic Composition as Artistic Research – James Andean
• A Paleontology of Quiet - Neil Verma
• Remaking Pittsburgh: Permaculture Soundscapes – Jeremy Woodruff
• Music Dematerialized? – Francisco López”
Das alles und mehr unter: http://www.sonicstudies.org/

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