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Journal of Sonic Studies – Neue Ausgabe online

“Acoustic Ephermeralities” lautet der Titel der 13. Ausgabe.

Alle weiteren Infos inkl. des Links folgen hier:

“We are proud to announce that the 13th issue of the /Journal of Sonic Studies/ <http://sonicstudies.org/jss13> (http://sonicstudies.org <http://sonicstudies.org/>) is online, entitled “Acoustic Ephemeralities.”  This issue was prepared by guest editors Monika Dommann, Boris Previšić, and Marianne Sommer, and discusses the specifically ephemeral qualities of the acoustic and the relationship between “micro- and macroephemeralities” in the modern age. Three focal points will be explicitly highlighted: the functions of media, music, and the sciences as generators of acoustic paradigms. In addition, this issue contains several musical commentaries, sonic interventions, and Sound-Essays, created by Michel Roth, Hannes Seidl, and Lucas Niggli.

Journal contents:

  * Acoustic Ephemeralities: Introduction – Monika Dommann, Boris
    Previšić, and Marianne Sommer
  * Sound-Essay 1 – Peter Weber and Lucas Niggli
  * Phonograph, Symbolic Acoustic Evidence in Arno Holz’ /Phantasus/ –
    Thomas Forrer
  * Acoustic Micro- and Macroephemeralities in Literature. Robert
    Walser’s /Microscript 364/ (1925) and Peter Weber’s /Silber und
    Salbader/ (1999) – Boris Previšić
  * At the Margins of the Audible: Morton Feldman’s Ephemeral
    Compositions – Dieter Mersch, translated by Laura Radosh
  * Writing the Ephemeral: John Cage’s /Lecture on Nothing/ as a
    Landmark in Media History – Simon Aeberhard
  * /Smorzando/: Chopin on the MP3 player – Michel Roth
  * Listening to the Body Moving: Auscultation, Sound, and Music in the
    Early Nineteenth Century – Janina Wellmann
  * Record, Rewind, Rewrite: Acoustic Historiography with the
    Presidential Tapes – Monika Dommann, translated by Sarah Pybus
  * Experimental Cylinders: Experiments in Music Psychology around 1900
    – Julia Kursell
  * Archive, Collection, Museum: On the History of the Archiving of
    Voices at the Sound Archive of the Humboldt University – Britta
    Lange, translated by Benjamin Carter
  * Animal Sounds against the Noise of Modernity and War: Julian Huxley
    (1887–1975) and the Preservation of the Sonic World Heritage –
    Marianne Sommer
  * Sound-Essay 2 – Boris Previšić, Hannes Seidl, and Lucas Niggli”

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