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Journal of Sonic Studies – Ausgabe 11

…ist jetzt online verfügar. Zum Inhalt…

“Editorial – Recomposing the City: New Directions in Urban Sound Art –
Gascia Ouzounian and Sarah Lappin

Instrumental Operations in the Urban Assemblage – Colin Ripley

Sound Art / Street Life: Tracing the social and political effects of
sound installations in London – Christabel Stirling

Sound Art and Public Engagement in the Built Environment: Reflections
from an Architecture Center Conor McCafferty

‘Sonopolis’ – Francisco Lopez

The Incidental Person: Reviewing the Identity of the Urban Acoustic
Planner – Sven Anderson

Soundmapping Beyond The Grid: Alternative Cartographies of Sound –
Isobel Anderson

Sonic Places: In Conversation with Peter Cusack – Sarah Lappin”

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