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IASPM Journal – Popular Music Performance

Das online und frei zugängliche IASPM Journal widmet sich in seiner laufenden Ausgabe dem Thema “Popular Music Performance”.

Weitere Infos:

“The critical exploration of performance problematizes the theorization of music signification. The contributions in this special issue investigate performance both from the perspective of musicians and from that of their audience by stressing the role of values, norms, meaning and aesthetics in their interaction. In addition, this special issue concerns the relationship between performance and place; performance does not only happen at a place, but is also of and about a place, actively contributing to it and shaping it. Furthermore, the roles of the DJ, music producer and music performer blur in multi-media stage performance settings, while listeners are increasingly playing the role of ‘prosumer’, thereby actively taking part in a performance ensemble that extends from physically engaged audiences to online video appearances by fans.”

Oder auf der Webseite, wo es die einzelnen Artikel zum PDF-Download gibt:



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