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EBU’s Digital Radio Toolkit

Die European Broadcasting Union (EBU) hat gerade eine Zusammenstellung an Empfehlungen veröffentlicht, die sich auf die Implementierung von Digitalradio beziehen.

Weitere Informationen zur Veröffentlichung:

“Digital distribution has been an issue for the radio industry for about two decades. While digital is a reality for platforms such as the Internet, mobile devices and even TV, radio remains analogue in the most cost-effective and primary distribution platform for free-to-air services, terrestrial broadcasting.

To build the case for digital radio, the EBU’s Radio Unit commissioned the Media Intelligence Service (MIS) to examine the key success factors for radio digitization. Entitled the Digital Radio Toolkit, the research was carried out with the collaboration of various radio industry stakeholders and this report details the results.

The report focuses on good practices for introducing digital radio in the three countries leading this process in Europe: Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Consequently, it describes various ways to handle the main digitization issues by highlighting 30 factors that contribute to positive acceptance of digital radio by listeners. Each of these key success factors is illustrated with a specific national example.”

Die Veröffentlichung kann als PDF für umsonst heruntergeladen werden, und zwar unter folgendem Link:


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