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Denken, Lesen

EBU Digital Radio 2016 – Report veröffentlicht

….und frei und online zugänglich…

… worum es noch mal ging:

“The Media Intelligence Service of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
has just released a report on the status of digital terrestrial radio in
The Digital Radio report highlights the main achievements of the past
year for digital radio, pointing out both its strengths and areas that
require action. It also includes a specific study on the role of public
service media in the roll-out process, as well as some prospects for the
year ahead. As a whole, it offers a progress report of the roll-out of
digital terrestrial radio in European markets and, when relevant, other
digital platforms, helping EBU Members and other stakeholders to plan
their digital radio strategies and supporting their advocacy initiatives.”

Der Link zum 40-seitigen Report (auf Englisch) folgt hier:



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