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CfP: “Radio, Sound and Internet”

Die “NET Station International Conference” an der University of Minho, Portugal, widmet sich am 23./24. April 2015 nahezu allen Themen, die irgendwie mit unserem Arbeitsfeld zu tun haben. Deadline für die Einreichung von Abstracts ist der 30. November 2014.

Weitere Informationen aus dem Call:

“One of the greatest challenges for radio studies today is to redirect
the attention to sound production. Over recent years debates have been
focused on technology and new business models. While adapting to
internet, radio is however risking its sound nature. Net Station
International Conference is meant to be an opportunity to re-centre the
discussion on the relevance of sound within contemporary societies,
usually reduced to the visual culture perspective.

Following this main concern, the organisation committee of Net Station
International Conference welcomes papers on the general scope of radio
studies, with a particular focus on sound and internet approaches, such as:

– audiences

– radio studies epistemology

– radio journalism and narratives

– radio and advertisement

– radio and social media

– radio regulation

– community radio and identity

– radio and young generations

– radio genres and new business models

– migration of traditional/FM Radio to online/web radio

– sound aesthetics

– the creative power of sound

– sounding places, radio as the soundtrack of our public life

Deadline for abstract submissions: November 30, 2014

Each participant may submit a maximum of two proposals (as author or

Authors are encouraged to submit their abstracts in English, but
Portuguese and Spanish are also accepted languages.

To submit a proposal, please use the appropriate form

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