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CfP: Radio Journal – Community Radio

Die Spezialausgabe des “Radio Journal” zum Thema “Community Radio” sucht Beiträge. Diese werden bis 01. April entgegengenommen.

Der gesamte Call for Papers folgt hier:

“Call for Papers: Special issue on Community radio – Current roles and contemporary challenges  (15:2 October 2017)
 Guest editors: Judith Purkarthofer, University of Oslo, Norway, and Urszula Doliwa, University of Warmia and Mazury, Poland
 Submission deadline 1 April 2017
 Over the last few decades community radio has shown rapid development, expanding its unique form of participatory communication to millions around the world as well as attracting increasing research and publication. The sector has always faced the considerable challenges of sustainable funding, shifting media regulation, and limited access. Today’s fast-changing digital media environment poses further disruptions as community radio learns to deal with challenges such as podcasting, the role of social media, and shifting audience expectations.
 These factors raise questions that this special issue intends to address: how does the progress of community radio differ around the world? How can citizens become active in community media movement, despite sometimes hostile political, economic and legal environments? How can community radio address issues of social cohesion and contribute to overcoming stereotypes? What is the role of community radio in building democracy the digital era?  The Radio Journal invites scholarly work exploring the role of community radio in a global context. Themes may include but are not limited to:
 •    Citizens’ experience of community radio
•    Refugees’ and migrants’ experiences with community radio
•    Community radio and media disruption
•    Community radio policies and practices, both national and international
•    The development of community radio in Central and Eastern Europe
•    Rethinking the role of community radio in the digital age
 Article submission deadline: 1 April 2017
Please submit articles (6,000 – 8,000 words) to:
radio.journal@monash.edu.  Please include a separate cover page with
- article title,
- author’s name and affiliation;
- brief abstract (100-200 words); keywords (6-8);
- author’s biography (100-200 words);
- author’s instructional postal and email address.
 No identifying information should appear on any other pages of the article, to aid in the blind review process.  Authors will be notified as soon as possible about acceptance, revisions or rejection and the outcome of the review process with a view to publishing accepted articles subject to any amendments requested.  For queries, please contact: Special Issue – Community Radio:
Judith Purkarthofer judith.purkarthofer@iln.uio.no and Urszula Doliwa urszula.doliwa@uwm.edu.pl
 For Radio Journal general issue: contact Editors Mia Lindgren and Michele Hilmes via radio.journal@monash.edu

Best wishes
Michele and Mia

Emerita Professor Michele Hilmes, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US
Associate Professor Mia Lindgren, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Editors: The Radio Journal: International studies in broadcast & audio media radio.journal@monash.edu


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