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CfP: Musedelica – Symposium zu psychedelischer Musik

Das Symposium wird am 14. und 15. Juni an der University of Sussex in Brighton, UK, stattfinden. Einreichungen für kurzfristig Angetörnte sind bis 15. März möglich.

Der vollständige Call folgt anbei:


This the final call for an exciting new symposium taking place here at
Sussex this summer. The symposium is interdisciplinary and may be of
particular interest to those involved in music, psychology, sociology,
neuropharmacology, cultural studies, anthropology and other related
disciplines. The deadline to submit proposals is March 15th, 2016.

Best regards

Gemma Farrell

Musedelica: First symposium on psychedelic music
Call for Proposals:

The first Musedelica symposium will be held June 14-15th, 2016 at the
Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. The symposium
will bring together students, early career researchers, independent
researchers and music producers from the field of psychedelic music and
related areas.
The symposium focusses on psychedelic music, especially (but not limited
to) electronic dance music and other fields related to psychedelic drugs
and music. Proposals are welcome from researchers in any field; see the
list of topics below for more details.
In addition to giving students and early career researchers the chance
to present their research in an intimate and friendly academic setting,
Musedelica will bring together researchers from a range of fields,
facilitate the sharing and synthesis of new ideas, and help to shape an
exciting and  interdisciplinary field of research.

The deadline to submit proposals is March 15th, 2016
(Notification of acceptance by March 31st, 2016)
To submit your proposal, please visit www.musedelica.co.uk and click on
‘submit proposal’ at the top right corner of the page or email as an
attached document to G.L.Farrell@sussex.ac.uk. Proposals should be
around 300-500 words.

20-30 mins. We are interested in submissions that address the topics
listed below. Proposals should outline how the work relates to one or
more of the conference themes.  Please also provide a 150-word (maximum)

10-20 mins. This could be a performance of a piece of psychedelic music,
perhaps incorporating a short talk about its psychedelic or trance
state-inducing elements. A demonstration of your composition practice or
performance practice would also be of interest. Proposals should outline
how the work relates to one or more of the conference themes and should
comprise: A description of the work (including duration), 150-word
(maximum) biography and a technical rider (technical specifications of
the venue are available on request).

Topics of interest
    Electronic dance music, the psychedelic experience and/or trance state
    Psychedelic music (of any genre) and the psychedelic experience
and/or trance state
    The embodied experience of composing, appreciating and/or dancing
to psychedelic music
    Music festivals and the psychedelic experience, including issues
surrounding well-being and harm reduction
    Psychedelic substances and the composition, perception and/or
appreciation of music
    Dancing and the trance state and/or psychedelic experience
    Music cultures and the psychedelic experience and/or trance state
    Music cultures and the prohibition of recreational drugs
    The process, practice and/or experience of composing psychedelic music.
    New methodologies/directions in the research of psychedelic music
    Other related topics: this is not a definitive list, so please
contact me with ideas.

Funding is being sought and I will know whether this has been successful
towards the end of March. If funding is obtained, the symposium will be
free of charge and participants will just need to obtain funding from
their own institution to cover the cost of travel and accommodation. If
the symposium does not attract funding, the cost of registration will be
around £40.
I look forward to receiving your proposal!”

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