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CfP: “Listening in…”

…Sonic Interventions in the Middle East and North Africa” lautet das Thema des Symposiums, das am 13. Mai 2016 an der Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, veranstaltet wird. Um Einreichungen wird bis zum 04. Dezember gebeten.

Der gesamte Call folgt hier:

“The Department of Performance Studies at Northwestern University


a call for papers for our upcoming symposium

/Listening In: Sonic Interventions in the Middle East and North Africa/

May 13, 2016

At the historic five-year mark of unrest in the Middle East and North
Africa region, this interdisciplinary symposium tackles the
intersections of culture, politics, and society from the unique
perspective of performance and sound studies. Given the ongoing crisis
in the region, what does it mean to /listen in – /to events as they
unfold, to the sounds of power and violence, to voices whose testimonies
are silenced by dominant narratives, and to cultural expressions of
conflict and displacement? In which ways does the act
of listening produce new forms of public engagement and how do these
emerge in relation to divergent social, cultural, technological, and
spatial phenomena?

We invite scholars from across disciplines to reflect on /listening/ as
a critical practice that emerges through socio-political engagement and
that takes shape through a variety of media, cultural expressions, and
performances in everyday life. By amplifying the role of sound and
aurality in the past five years of violence and displacement in the
Middle East and North Africa, the symposium considers how power becomes
(in)audible through sonic contestations, and interrogates the political,
representational, and affective economy of sound in this particular
historical moment. This event also hopes to prompt an “urgency
of listening” (Erlmann 2010) across borders leading to better
understandings of how we engage with the political processes through
which voices both emerge or are suppressed.


*/Conference Program/*


*Keynote Address:*Professor Deborah Kapchan (NYU)

*Confirmed speakers:*Deborah Kapchan, Maria Malmstrom, Peter McMurray,
Ziad Fahmy, Wendy Pearlman, Shayna Silverstein, Leila Tayyeb, in
addition to a screening/discussion with the artist of /The All Hearing
2014/ by Lawrence Abu Hamdan

For further information or questions regarding the conference program,
please contact Dr. Shayna Silverstein at


*/Call for Proposals/*

We welcome paper proposals from advanced graduate students as well as
independent and affiliated faculty. Performance / sound installation
proposals are also welcome. Interdisciplinary proposals are highly
encouraged, including those from anthropology, art history, dance
studies, ethnomusicology and musicology, film studies, Islamic studies,
literature, media studies, Middle East studies, performance studies,
religious studies, and theater studies, among other fields.


*The deadline for proposals is December 4, 2015*

Proposals may be submitted via email at _ps@northwestern.edu
<mailto:ps@northwestern.edu>_. Please include the following information
in your proposal: name (as printed in conference materials), brief bio
(about 50 words), contact information (email and telephone number),
paper title, abstract (no more than 250 words), and format (paper,
performance, or workshop, with indication of special space needs, if any).

Please note that presentations that require minimal tech are optimal but
we do have a black box theater available. Generally we will have
available computers and speakers that project standard A/V and ask that
you bring your own adaptor.

There is limited funding available for graduate students and
international presenters from any discipline who are presenting. Please
include a short description of your travel circumstances / travel
expenses in your application, if you wish to be considered.


*/Listening In/*is co-sponsored by the Department of Performance
Studies, the Center for Global Culture and Communication, the Alice
Kaplan Institute for the Humanities, the Middle East and North Africa
Program, and the SoundTank Initiative at Northwestern University.”

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