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CfP: “Feminism and Sound”

Der “Commentary and Criticism”-Teil der “Feminist Media Studies” sucht Beiträge zum Thema “Feminismus und Sound”.  Die Beiträge sollen nur kurz sein (1000 Wörter), die Deadline der Einreichung ist der 22. Juli 2016.


Der volle Call mit weiteren Informationen, Style-Guide, etc.:

Commentary and Criticism Call for Papers


*16.6 Feminism and Sound *

Feminist analysis of media is a field that has arguably been dominated
by the visual. From selfies to music videos to films, feminist media
scholars have done important work to unpack the way representations of
gender /look/. But how does gender /sound/ in contemporary media? How
are femininity, masculinity, and other expressions of gender represented
sonically across media platforms? Podcasts, Instagrams, Vines, streaming
music, and traditional formats such as radio, television, and film, all
present a rich ground for the study of sound from a feminist
perspective. This issue of Commentary and Criticism invites essay
contributions specifically on feminist approaches to sound in relation
to a range of media. We are particularly interested in submissions from
beyond North America and the UK.

Possible paper topics include, but are certainly not limited to, the

    * Gendered soundscapes
    * Gender and speech
    * Gender and sound art
    * Feminist approaches to sound design in screen cultures
    * Women’s production of sound media
    * Feminist radio studies
    * Feminist readings of podcasts
    * Sonic performances of gender in popular music

The Commentary and Criticism section of /Feminist Media Studies/ aims to
publish brief (~1000 words), timely responses to current issues in
feminist media culture, for an international readership. Submissions may
pose a provocation, describe work in progress, or propose areas for
future study. We will also consider book and event reviews, as well as
contributions that depart from traditional academic formats. We
encourage all submissions to strategically mobilize critique to also
offer a productive contribution to both feminist politics and media
studies. Submissions must go beyond mere description in order to be
considered for publication in Commentary and Criticism.

Please submit contributions by *22**^nd **July 2016*, via email to guest
editor, Philippa Lovatt (Philippa.Lovatt@stir.ac.uk
<mailto:Philippa.Lovatt@stir.ac.uk>) as well as standing editors, Susan
Berridge (Susan.Berridge@stir.ac.uk) and Laura Portwood-Stacer
(lportwoodstacer@gmail.com). Questions and expressions of interest can
also be addressed to Drs. Lovatt, Berridge and Portwood-Stacer in
advance of the deadline.

Email submissions directly to Philippa Lovatt, Susan Berridge and Laura
Portwood-Stacer, as submissions for Commentary and Criticism will not be
correctly processed if submitted through the main /Feminist Media
Studies/ site.

Please be sure to follow the /Feminist Media Studies/ style guide, which
can be found at the following link:

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