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CfP: “Authorship in Music”

Der “RMA Study Day” der Universität von Oxford, der am 06. März 2015 stattfinden wird, sucht Beiträge zur Autorenschaft in der Musik. Deadline für Einreichungen ist der 21. November.

Einzelheiten aus dem Aufruf:

“The question of authorship has been a central concern in poetics and
literary theory for a long time and there is a large literature on this
topic representing various critical perspectives. However, this
sustained and systematic treatment of authorship has yet to be reflected
in musicological discourse concerned with the particular conditions of
musical practices.

Including an invited paper (‘I tell you what to do: autonomy, control
and play in game compositions’) by Professor James Saunders (Head of
Centre for Musical Research, Bath Spa University) and musical
performances, this study day seeks to address and explore issues
surrounding the notion of ‘authorship’ in relation to different kinds of
engagement with music across cultures and genres and from a range of
interdisciplinary perspectives including musicology, psychology,
sociology, philosophy, ethnomusicology, and anthropology,

Proposals for individual papers (20 minutes + 10 minutes) are invited on
the following, and other related topics.

- Authorship and the ‘work’ concept

- Historical perspectives on authorship in music

- Methods in researching and documenting authorship

- Philosophical perspectives on authorship in music

- Economic, legal and political perspectives on authorship and ownership

- Authorship and embodiment

- The concept of co-authorship in musical practices

- Authorship in recording practices

- Technology and authorship in music

- Authorship and creativity

Please submit a 200-word abstract as an email attachment to
authorshipinmusic@gmail.com, and include the following information:

Name, institution, email address and AV requirements.

Deadline for the receipt of abstracts is Friday, 21 November 2014.

Notification of acceptance will be sent by Friday, 12 December 2014.

Organizing committee:

Professor Mine Dogantan-Dack, Dr Adam Harper, Emily Payne and Cayenna
Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey
New Music Co-ordinator | Faculty of Music, University of Oxford |
Music Director | GrassRoots Festival Chamber Orchestra |
Doctoral Student in Music | Allen Senior Music Scholar | St Catherine’s
College, University of Oxford | cayenna.ponchione@music.ox.ac.uk |
mobile: 07530 234178″

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